Frequently Asked Question

I’m new to hammocking. What do I need to get started?

All our hammocks come with a set of carabiners and will work with all our suspension systems so all you need for the basic set up is your choice of hammock and your choice of straps. Our Hammock Comparison Chart and Strap Comparison Chart which help make it easy to decide which is right for you!

Why are color combinations sometimes inverted?

Waste not, want not! When producing hammocks, ENO attempts to reduce potential waste by using every bit of fabric available. This means that the color combination of your hammock might be swapped from what is pictured but an awesome combination nonetheless! ENO reduces waste by also using excess trimmings to create some of your favorite accessories such as the ParaPillow and the EarthBag. Pretty cool, right?

How do I wash my ENO Hammock?

We recommend either machine washing your hammock in a front loading washer or hand washing your hammock.

If you are going to machine wash your hammock we recommend first removing the carabiners (no need to untie any knots), then washing on cool in a front load washer (no agitator) on the delicate cycle with a mild detergent (like Woolite or Dreft), or a gear wash.

If you are going to hand wash your hammock, we recommend using a bucket, sink, or bath tub with the same type of detergents listed above.

Do not put the hammocks in the dryer. Hang or lay flat to dry.

How do I use and care for my ENO Hammock?

Check your gear before each use to ensure it is in good, working condition. Safety first!

UV damage causes your ENO Hammock to fade in color and become brittle which will lead to tearing. Do not leave your hammock out of doors year round but keep it “so fresh and so clean” by storing it in its attached stuff sack in a cool, dry space when not in use.

In set up, make sure your straps are securely wrapped and the carabiners are closed. Sit slowly in your hammock to make sure your hang is secure. Hang your hammock no more than 18″ (inches) off the ground.

While hammocking, remember to remove any sharp objects from your person, i.e. pocket knives, car keys, necklaces of teeth and/or stilettos.

Remember that puppies love hammocking, too, but they’ve got sharp nails so hammock with caution. If any small tears do appear, pick up a Hammock Repair Kit.

Remember: using any hammock carries inherent risk. Accidents happen. Use with caution.

For more information, learn how to Hammock Responsibly!

Will ENO repair my hammock?

ENO will repair your hammock back to (almost) new if the stuff sack has come off the hammock, if the compression strap has come off the stuff sack, or if the hammock knots have become untied or are fraying.

If you think your hammock needs any of these repairs, please visit our Warranty Policy.

Large fabric tears cannot be repaired but may be eligible for replacement. Small holes or burns can be repaired with our Hammock Repair Kit.

I accidentally untied my hammock knots! What now?

No worries – it’s an easy fix! Follow along with Bryant’s Knot Re-Tie Extravaganza to take care of this at home. If for any reason, you feel uncomfortable re-tying these knots, contact us and we'll get it all spruced up for you!

When is the ENO website updated?

Don’t see a color you like? Looking for that particular accessory? Don’t worry! ENO replenishes the website at the beginning of each month. If we’re out of stock, you can usually find what you’re looking for through one of our authorised retailers listed here or use our worldwide Retail Locator!

What is the difference between the SingleNest, the DoubleNest and the DoubleDeluxe?

All three hammocks are approximately 9’4″ long, and will safely hold 400 lbs. The main difference is in the width of each hammock and the actual weight of each product.

The SingleNest is approximately 4’7″ in width and weighs 16oz. Best for one!

The DoubleNest is approximately 6’2″ in width and weighs in at 20oz. Our most versatile hammock!

The DoubleDeluxe is approximately 8’4″ in width and weighs 26oz. Best for two!

The extra two feet in the width of the DoubleNest makes for a roomier hammock and a more comfortable seat when sitting across in the hammock for one OR two people, while the additional two feet in the Deluxe is perfect for a couple to REALLY stretch out!

If your still trying to decide what to buy, check out our Hammock Comparison Chart.

What is the difference between the Suspension Systems?

The Atlas Strap is polyfilament (like a seatbelt material), weighs 11oz and is 9′ in length and 1″ in width.

The Atlas XL is polyfilament, weighs 16oz and is 13’6″ in length and 1″ in width.

The Helios is polyfilament and Dyneema® cording, weighs 4.1oz and is 8’2″ in length and 1″ width. Capacity 300 lbs.

All styles are sold as a pair and when used properly will hold up to 400 lbs.

If your still trying to decide what to buy, check out our Strap Comparison Chart.

Do I need a Suspension System to use my ENO hammock?

Your hammock will come with two aluminum wiregate carabiners on the ends that you can use to attach to whatever strapping or connecting device (ropes, webbing, etc.) for the objects you are using as your mounting points. 

With that being said, our Straps make the set up process extremely quick and easy.

You don’t need any knowledge of knots, the Straps simply wrap around your object and tighten on themselves. With regular rope, you need to find objects that are exactly 10 feet apart.   Not so with the Straps.

Once you get your Straps tight around your mounting objects, you are left with several loops that hang off and allow you to play with up to 15-25 more feet between your mounting points, giving you almost endless possibilities to where you can hang your ENO Hammock.

Heavy duty rope isn’t necessarily great for a tree’s bark either, but our flat tubular webbing is a lot gentler on trees. Plus, who wants to carry around pounds of heavy rope when you can just throw our 4-16oz straps in your bag and be ready to go!

Will ENO hammocks fit on a standard hammock frame?

All our hammock sizes are approximately 9′ feet long, so as long as your frame is around 10 feet, it will fit.

Will the Guardian Bugnet fit over all ENO Hammocks?

Our Guardian Bugnet is roomy enough to fit over all our hammocks! Our Raintarps are also designed to easily cover all sizes of ENO hammock as well.

Are ENO hammocks breathable?

All our hammocks are made of porous, breathable nylon taffeta. This breathable quality lends itself to a cool, comfortable hammock experience.

What shipping options are available?

All our products have free standard shipping through Australia Post or similar. Shipping within Australia is usually delivered within 4-6 days, while shipping to New Zealand is usually delivered within 3-10 days. Shipping times can vary depending on demand and time of year. If you have any issues let us know we are happy to help.