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If You’re Happy and You Know It, It’s Probably Because of an ENO Hammock

“I think we all know a student, or have been a student, who finds it hard to relax, especially while studying,” said Adam Cohen, ENO’s Sales Manager.

Armed with this excellent evidence of self-reported positive changes from spending 15 minutes in a hammock, ENO and Lyon’s college will go back to the books a fourth time examining a hammock’s effect on social bonding and relationship building.

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ENO Hammock Research Series Uncovers Glue for Social Bonding

We all know you can take a gratifying nap in a hammock, but what about making better friends? Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO), the leading provider of packable travel hammocks, and Lyon College say chances are you can. 

Examining randomly assigned participants, they discovered students reported better bonding with other participants while hanging in hammocks, providing evidence that hammocks in campus environments can help with student social bonding.

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Escape the Stress, Enjoy Life

Leaving the stressful world that we live in behind can do wonders for your mind. It can keep you sane and keep you healthy. New experiences can help you feel free and let the stress slip away while you enjoy the time. So escape life, grab your hammock, kids, dog, or head out alone. Leave the phone and work behind and see the world. Even if it’s only a mile from home, the world is a beautiful place.

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