Hammocks Vs Tents

  1. Looking up at the stars: Hammocks allow you to sleep under the stars
  2. No points of resistance: Hammock distributes weight evenly.  Less pressure points than a mat or pad on the ground.
  3. No condensation: Breathable, allows airflow in the summer months
  4. Less impact on the environment: Tree friendly straps that hug trees safely. Reduces trampling of grass or vegetation.
  5. Hang above the ground: Big advantage of being above the ground, can camp above the snow, swamps or pools of water. No digging trenches around your tent or waking up in a pool of water. Away from rodents and pests.
  6. Doubles as a seat: Its great to set your hammock up just to relax on a break. Light enough to carry in your day pack, gives you a reason to hike back to your favorite spot and set up your hammock to relax.
  7. Weight: Comparable to an ultra light solo tent, more flexibility and space.  Pick and choose what accessories you want for each trip. Ultra light options available.
  8. Space: More space under a tarp to work with. Keeps multiple people dry in a pinch. Store the tarp on the outside of your pack so it dries as you hike and is easy to access in am emergency.
  9. Colours: Huge range of colours available, large selection of bright colours that search and rescue can see from the air. Doubles as a stretcher or sling etc.
  10. Heat Distribution: Even heat distribution with several options to stay warm. Use your existing kit or buy specialised hammock accessories to increase functionality.
  11. Help Recovery: Optimal blood circulation, better sleep, stress reduction, helps muscle aches and improves focus. 
William McCanceComment