How to Keep Warm in Winter

Winter has hit and its time to stock up on the things that keep you warm. Don't let the cold keep you from getting outside and enjoying the winter sky.

Pack you hammock whenever you leave the house, you never know when you may need a comfy seat, or a place to nap. Even better get a group of friends together, light a fire, hang some lights and hang out under the winter stars.

How To Stay Warm:


Underquilts provide insulation and serve as a wind barrier. Underquilts hang directly below the hammock and provide an alternative to having a sleeping bag inside the hammock. They prevent compressing the insulation and remove the need to fidget or adjust your sleeping bag.

- Self-inflating pads/mats

Self-inflating pads/mats are a great option to add some warmth using your existing camping gear by providing some extra insulation and a barrier between the user and the cold air. Put it inside the hammocks between you and the hammock and adjust the air to your comfort.

- Closed cell foam pads

Closed cell foam pads are cheap durable and light. They provide a thin barrier between the hanger and the cold air. Beware, some mats do cause condensation depending on the material.

- Sleeping Bags

Everyone's got a sleeping bag laying around, crack it out and put it to good use. You can use the sleeping bag inside the hammock or attach it to the outside like an underquilt to provide some insulation. Take note though, if your using inside the hammock, the insulation squashed between you and the hammock will not be as effective so this is best done with a matt or secondary barrier.